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Using MyTax as a foreign individual

If you are an EU citizen, you can fill in a contact request form in MyTax to start the processing of your tax matter.

You can log in to MyTax if you have an eIDAS identifier, i.e. online banking codes or other electronic identifier from another EU country.

  1. Click Sign in.

  2. Select Identification methods for foreigners.

  3. Select your country and identify yourself in your country’s identification service.

  4. Go to the section Contact request concerning tax matters and click the link Send a contact request to the Tax Administration.

  5. Sending a contact request has two stages: Request details, and Preview and send.

    Request details stage:

    • If you have a Finnish personal ID, include it in your request.
    • Enter your street address, telephone number and email address. It is important that this information is correct, so that we can contact you and answer your request.
    • Select what your contact request is about:
      • Requesting a tax card or working in Finland
      • Being an employer in Finland
      • Paying Finnish taxes
      • Other matter related to Finnish taxation
    • Give additional information on the subject that your contact request concerns.
  6. Preview and send stage:
    • Check that you have reported all the required details. If there are errors in the details or if something is missing, go back to the previous stage to correct the information. 
    • When everything is correct, click Submit.
  7. You will see a prompt that asks “Are you sure you want to submit this request?”. Click OK.

  8. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after the Tax Administration has received your contact request. We will respond in approximately one week. Please note that you cannot make changes to your request after you have sent it.

Page last updated 11/19/2023