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Foreign company in MyTax

If a foreign company does not have a Finnish Business ID although it has tax matters in Finland, the company can register in the Tax Administration’s register of taxpayers and use the MyTax e-service. If the company has a Finnish Business ID, it is already registered.

MyTax is the Tax Administration’s e-service where you can take care of your company’s tax matters yourself.

A company can register in the taxpayer register only for a valid reason.

The reasons include:

  • VAT special scheme returns
  • reports on construction work
  • transfer taxation
  • real estate taxation
  • excise taxation
  • car taxation.

Get an UID and an authorisation and fill in the application in MyTax

  1. First get a foreign individual’s unique identifier (UID) and a authorisation
  2. Log in to MyTax with the Finnish Authenticator app
  3. Fill in the application

Include the following information in the application:

  • company’s name
  • company’s contact information
  • company’s home country
  • company’s ID (VAT number, TIN, foreign business ID or foreign trade register number) – enter the same ID that you used when you applied for a authorisation
  • country where the ID is registered.

When we have processed your application and added your information to the Tax Administration’s register of taxpayers, we will notify you by e-mail. After you have received the e-mail, you can log in to MyTax and use it to take care of your company’s tax matters.

Page last updated 10/25/2023