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Accounting firms, bookkeepers, accountants: MyTax can show you the clients’ tax balances and more

New features in MyTax include display of clients’ information for accounting firms, bookkeepers or accountants.

  1. After login to MyTax and your “Act on behalf of a company” selection, a list of client taxpayers will appear. Now select View clients’ status information.

  2. The following details will appear column for column:

    • Each of your client-taxpayer’s outstanding balances
    • Latest summaries with the client-taxpayer’s status of tax payments
    • Requests sent out for additional information, awaiting response from the client
    • Information concerning tax returns the client has not submitted by due date

    Provided that you have the “Managing tax affairs” authorisation, you the accountant are able to see the summary and information on tax balances. If you have no “Managing tax affairs” authorisation from your client, there will be no summary and the balance will be “0”.

    If your client’s Tasks include an unanswered request letter for information or a non-filed tax return, direct links to information requests or to Tasks will appear. Note that you cannot see these if the client has not given you an authorisation that covers them.

    Your status view will only contain those among your clients that are “favourites” or that you have viewed recently. If you have more than 300 clients, their information is likely to be displayed only in part.

Page last updated 11/19/2023