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Companies or corporations: How to make changes to e-mail settings

When you are authorised to manage a company's tax affairs in MyTax, you can have automatic email notifications arriving in your personal inbox concerning various MyTax transactions, tasks or events. You can make changes to the email settings. For example, if you keep receiving automatic emails about matters that should be dealt with by someone else at the company. Or if you are receiving email notifications too often.

Typically, MyTax tasks relating to the Excise Movement and Control System create many more messages than other tasks.

  1. Log in to MyTax and click Edit your own details.
  2. Click the Select your notifications button under email notifications.
  3. Add or remove selections as you prefer. For example, to no longer receive emails about EMCS, delete the EMCS selection under Tax types.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Finally, click the Save button to save your changes.

Please note that email notification settings are different for every user. For this reason, it is important to order the notifications to individual users’ personal email addresses – not the generic email inbox of your company or office.

How to order email notifications about a company’s tax matters in MyTax

When some of your authorisations end

If you are authorised to act on behalf of multiple companies, and some of those authorisations end, do as follows: Log in to MyTax and select “Act on behalf of a company”. After this, you will no longer receive email notifications for companies whose tax matters you do not have the authorisation to manage.

If you no longer have any authorisations

If you are no longer authorised to act on behalf of a company, you cannot change the settings of email notifications in MyTax.

If you still get notifications, however, call our telephone service and ask the official to cancel the email notifications.

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Page last updated 2/5/2024