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How to request a refund of car tax based on disability in MyTax

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    MyTax opens on the Your tax types tab. Select the Activities tab.

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    First go to Refund applications on Activities, then select Car tax refunds.

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    Click on Request for refund of car tax based on disability.

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    Please check that the information is correct. If necessary, you can change the contact information of the person who can provide further information and change the address where the decision should be sent.

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    After you have completed and sent this request, you can move on to the MyTax page where you can inform the Tax Administration of your bank account number if you have not submitted the account number previously.

    Select Yes if you have received an advance ruling on refund of car tax, based on disability. Enter the decision number. Now move on to Application details, the next stage. 

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    First fill in the Vehicle information, then select Grounds for request and information on the driver.

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    Select the Reason for vehicle use. Press the Add file button to add enclosures. Proceed to Preview and send.

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    Please check that your Basic details are correct. Click Edit or Previous to make any corrections.

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    Please check that all the Application details are correct. You can select Save as unfinished if you want to come back later to complete the request form. Your entries are kept saved for 3 months. The Tax Administration will not process the data before you have submitted it. When everything is correct, click Submit.