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The estate’s pre-completed tax return

We send the estate a pre-completed tax return every year in spring, up to the time when the estate ceases to exist. It is necessary to check the pre-completed amounts and information on the return, and make corrections to them as appropriate.

Almost all estates of deceased persons have to use paper tax forms for making the corrections. Please send the forms by post to the address stated on the form. You can use MyTax to make the corrections only if the estate has a Business ID from before, and only if the estate’s authorised agent has received a authorisation for managing the estate’s taxes.

Who is the pre-completed tax return addressed to?

We send the pre-completed return to one of the estate shareholders, using the name and address indicated on the deed of estate inventory.

We send the pre-completed return to the authorised agent’s address if the estate has appointed an authorised agent.

Instructions for making checks

The pre-completed tax return – making corrections in MyTax or on paper

The pre-completed tax return: instructions for sending paper-printed tax forms

Please check the bank account number, and send us an update if needed

There is a deadline date for letting the Tax Administration know the estate’s bank account number. Because the account number is useful if the estate receives a tax refund, and because you must probably send a paper form, we recommend that you inform the Tax Administration of the account number without delay.

See more detailed instructions:

An estate receives a refund

The estate’s bank account – submit the account number to receive refunds

Check the deadlines for informing the Tax Administration of bank account numbers

Making the death estate cease

If you need to look for instructions concerning a ceased estate, see Distribution of inheritance and ceased estate.

Page last updated 4/14/2023