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An estate receives a refund – or an estate has back taxes to pay

Estates may get a tax refund, or in the inverse case, an estate may be required to pay a back tax. The Tax Administration can transfer a refund to the estate’s bank account or alternatively send a money order that has to be cashed at the bank.

Refunds directly into the estate’s bank account

If the Tax Administration has the bank account number on file, the estate will get the refund in the form of a bank transfer.

Submit the estate’s bank account number for tax refunds

Check the deadlines for informing the Tax Administration of bank account numbers
Please note that it is important to let the Tax Administration know the estate's bank account number in good time; it is often necessary to send a completed paper form to us.

Schedule of refund dates

Getting a refund in the form of a money order

If the Tax Administration does not have the refund recipient’s bank account number, the refund is paid by money order, i.e. paid through Nordea Bank. The Tax Administration is unable to distribute an estate’s tax refund to estate shareholders.

After receiving the letter containing the money order, you can choose from two alternative options:

A. If the estate has a Business ID and the estate’s authorised agent has a authorisation, submit the bank account number in MyTax.

The tax refund is already on its way to the bank where you can cash the money order. If you leave it uncashed for 28 days, the bank sends the amount back to the Tax Administration. The 28-day time limit starts on the date stated on the money order. After 28 days and approx. one week, the refund will be transferred to the bank account you informed us of.

How to submit a bank account number in MyTax

B. Visit a branch office of Nordea Bank to cash the money order.

For more instructions, read the letter containing the money order or visit the website of Nordea Bank

Note the following facts about money orders

  • The Tax Administration issues no money orders for refunds under €15. Please contact the Tax Administration if you are getting a small refund and you need to cash it at the bank.
  • Nordea will send you a letter about the money order to the address saved in the Tax Administration’s records. You cannot receive a money order unless the address is in Finland.
  • If the amount is above €1,700 the Tax Administration’s primary method of refunding is the transfer into recipient’s bank account. This means that a money order is issued only if you ask for it.

Pay the estate's back tax through e-bank

Exact details concerning a back tax you need to pay are stated on the tax decision letter. In the case of a death estate’s back taxes, we recommend online payment through an e-bank with the information stated on the bank transfer forms.

Payment in MyTax is possible only if the estate has a Business ID and the estate’s authorised agent has a authorisation for managing the estate’s taxes.

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Page last updated 4/14/2023