How to see in MyTax if your tax refund has been used for paying taxes

If you have unpaid taxes or taxes that fall due after the end of your tax assessment, your tax refund will be used for paying your taxes starting from the assessment end date until the 4th day of the following month.

You will see the details on the use of your tax refund in MyTax as soon as the refund has been used for unpaid taxes.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

  1. See image

    Click Payments and refunds made in the Payment status section.

  2. See image

    If your refund has been used for paying taxes and you want to view the details, go to the table Payments and refunds used for taxes and click Details on use in the Use of payment or refund column.

  3. See image

    In the window that opens, you can find the taxes for which your refund was used in the Tax type column on the Use for tax types tab.

    You can see the refund amount used for paying taxes in the column Amount used.

  4. See image

    Select the Full details tab to see more detailed information about the use of the refund.

    Click on the column Period to view the transactions of that tax period.

Use of tax refund for debts in enforcement

If you want to check whether your tax refund has been used for debts in enforcement, do as follows:

  1. Click All tax years in the section Individual income tax in MyTax.
  2. Click Show details on all tax years.
  3. Click Tax year 2021.
  4. Click Transactions during the period.
  5. If your tax refund has been transferred to enforcement, it is shown in the table as “Transfer of refund (distraint)”.