Paying your real estate tax

Newly introduced methods of payment for individuals are the e-invoice and direct payment, and for corporate taxpayers that pay real estate tax, the web invoice.

Pay real estate tax in one or two instalments

During March, the Tax Administration sends property owners their tax demands, bank forms and information on how much tax is being charged.  Due dates for real estate tax are 3rd September 2019 and 15th October 2019. You pay the tax either in one instalment or in two instalments, and you must enter the respective bank reference numbers when paying  first and second instalments have different numbers. If your tax amounts to less than €170, you receive just one bank form so as to pay the entire tax on its first due date in September. However, there's nothing to prevent payment in advance of the due date, in amounts of your choosing.

The bank form additionally shows the method of payment to use. Look it up in the field marked "Euro". If the amount is printed there, it means you must use this bank form to pay the tax.

If the bank forms indicate that you have two installments and you choose to make an extra payment, it is the second installment that it applies to.

Besides payment information, the tax demand also contains instructions for appeal.

Real estate tax is to be paid by the party who is registered as the owner of the property on 1 January of the current year. Any changes in ownership that may occur in the course of the year have no effect on the real estate tax being collected for this year. Nevertheless, if property has changed hands, not only the seller but also the buyer i.e. the new owner carries responsibility for the payment of real estate tax for the current year.  The Tax Administration does not perform calculations in order to allocate parts of the year's real estate tax, or divide it between, the old and the new owners.

Tax does not have to be paid in cases where the assessed real estate tax stays below €17.

Pay your real estate tax by e-invoice or direct payment

Both e-invoice and direct payment are safe and easy ways to pay real estate tax. These two electronic methods of payment are available to individual taxpayers and self-employed individuals who operate a trade or business. Direct payment is a method intended for those who do not use online banking.

Contact your bank at least three weeks before the due date of your real estate tax to agree on e-invoicing or direct payments. You will see the e-invoice in your e-bank approximately two weeks before every due date.

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Web invoice for corporate taxpayers

We send the tax demands in the form of web invoices to all eligible corporate payers of real estate tax.

We deliver them electronically to their EDI addresses. We normally use of the main EDI identifier for this purpose. However, if you want the invoice directed to the address of a specific EDI identifier, please let us know about it by sending a message to (in Finnish).

Please note that all corporate direct-debit agreements have become obsolete.

Frequently asked questions about payment

If you have accidentally paid the first instalment of a tax twice, the additional payment will be used to cover the second instalment.

If there are no instalments following the instalment you have paid twice, and if you have no other unpaid taxes or debts in enforcement that the payment could be used for, we will return the extra payment to you. Check or submit your bank account number in MyTax.

The payments will be allocated correctly even if you have used the reference number of the first or second instalment of a tax to pay for both instalments of that tax. The most important thing is that you use the correct tax year’s reference numbers.


If you have not paid your real estate tax in time, we will automatically use your tax refund to cover the unpaid tax (including the second instalment of the real estate tax). We will notify you by post that your tax refund has been used to cover an unpaid tax.

Note! If you do not pay your taxes by their due date, you will also have to pay penalty interest.

Service numbers

You can contact our taxpayer services at 029 497 026 (standard call rates apply) in matters concerning payments and refunds, and at 029 497 020 (standard call rates) in matters concerning amounts of real estate tax.

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