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How to use MyTax to ask for refund of transfer tax

You can request a refund of transfer tax if a transfer tax return has been filed and the tax has been paid. If there is some other type of error, see the “Errors in return or payment” page for more information.

Check the application due date and the required enclosures

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

Do as follows

  1. Open the tab Your tax types on the home page. Go to the Transfer tax section and click Request a refund of transfer tax.

  2. Click Request refund at the return that the application concerns. This way, the details you have filed on the transfer tax return will be pre-populated on the refund application.

    Alternatively, you can click Go directly to the application.

  3. Fill in the application.

    Go to the Reason for refund section to see what enclosures you need for the refund application.

    Specify why you are requesting a refund of transfer tax.

  4. Attach a deed of sale or other contract and any other necessary documents by clicking Add file.  

  5. Your details are shown under Contact details of person giving further information if they exist in the Tax Administration records. If someone else provides further information about the refund application, enter their contact details.

    Also check the bank account number in the Tax Administration records to which refunds are to be paid. How to submit or change a bank account number in MyTax.

  6. Go to Preview and send.

    Check the details of the application. If necessary, you can make further changes by clicking Edit. Once all the details are correct, click Submit.

You can see the processing status of your application in MyTax

You can follow the processing of your application for transfer tax refund in MyTax: Go to the Communication tab, select Status of returns and requests and then View the processing status.

Page last updated 4/5/2024