How to request a refund of transfer tax in MyTax

  1. Select All activities.

  2. Go to Refund applications. Select Refund of transfer tax.

  3. Find the transfer tax return you have filed and click Request refund. If you have not filed a transfer tax return, you can go directly to the application. If you do not find the return you are looking for on the page, click Go directly to the application.

  4. Fill in the application.

    Specify why you are requesting a refund of transfer tax.

  5. Attach a deed of sale or other contract by clicking Add file.

    Select the type of file, such as Deed of sale. Specify the attachment in the Description field. Use the Browse button to find and add the attachment. Finally, press Save.

  6. Your details are automatically entered in the field for further information if they exist in the Tax Administration records. If someone else provides further information about the application, enter their contact details.

    When you have filled in all the necessary details, send the application.