Transfer tax on corporate stock

When you buy corporate stock, you must file a transfer tax return and pay the tax (i.e. you buy shares of an entity that operates a business, i.e. not of a housing-company or real estate company). Examples of corporate stock include shares of a business enterprise or a telephone company. As the buyer, you are required to calculate and pay the transfer tax on your initiative. 

However, if the shares you bought are listed on the stock exchange and you bought them on the exchange, you generally do not have to pay transfer tax or file the tax return.


Calculate the tax

The tax is 1.6% of the sales price and other possible remunerations.

You can use the transfer tax calculator to help with your calculations.


File the tax return

File the transfer tax return in 2 months from the date when you signed the contract.

File in MyTax

The paper-printed form can be used by individual taxpayers, general partnerships and limited partnerships.

If you file on paper, enclose a photocopy of the deed of sale (other contract), with the appropriate signatures. In addition, if there are other documents that may concern your transfer taxation, enclose photocopies.

However, if you file in MyTax, you generally do not have to add as many enclosures. A window will appear that tells you whether an enclosure must be attached.

Please note that if you buy corporate stock together with one or more other buyers, both you and each one of the other buyers must file their own transfer tax returns. You cannot submit information on the other buyers (such as your spouse) on one return form.


Pay the tax

Pay the tax in 2 months from the date when you signed the contract.

You must use a bank reference number for transfer tax. Log in to MyTax to look up your personal reference number for transfer tax, or ask the telephone service to give it to you. If you use the payment feature in MyTax, you do not have to fill in the reference number and the bank account because they are pre-filled.

Pay in MyTax

See guidance for payments

After our system has recorded your transfer tax return and payment, MyTax will display your certificate on transfer tax.  This means that no certificate on filed and paid transfer tax can be issued to a taxpayer immediately. It normally appears in your MyTax after a couple of days. It is also sent to you by post.

If the buyer is a non-resident taxpayer

If the buyer is a non-resident taxpayer (from a foreign country, for example) and you are obliged to collect tax on the sale in question, you must file a transfer tax return on the tax you collected from the buyer, and then pay the amount on to the Tax Administration.

Examples of circumstances where you may be obliged to collect tax include a situation where you sell shares of a Finnish business company (corporate stock) to a buyer who is a nonresident. In case there are several sellers, you must only submit a transfer tax return and pay transfer tax for the part that you yourself had collected from the nonresident buyer. In the same way, you must only report your portion of the price and other compensation.

Frequently asked questions

You must file the return even if the transfer tax is less than €10.

If you buy listed shares outside of the stock exchange, you have 2 months of time to pay 1.6% of transfer tax on the sales price and other possible remunerations, and
file a transfer tax return. 

In the same way, if your employer gives you a stock grant as part of your compensation, you must file a transfer tax return and pay the tax.

Read more about situations where purchases of corporate stock are subject to transfer tax (detailed guidance in Finnish and Swedish only).