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How to claim tax credit for household expenses

You can report creditable expenses either for your tax card or for your tax return.

  1. If you report the expenses for your tax card, you will benefit from the credit immediately.
  2. If you report the expenses for your tax return, the credit will be taken into account later in the amount of back taxes or tax refund.

The payment year determines the year for which you can report the details of the tax credit for household expenses.

Example: The work was contracted on 1 December 2022 and it was performed during December. The invoice was paid on 15 January 2023. You should file the tax credit for household expenses for the 2023 tax assessment.

File in MyTax

  1. Tax card: When you file the credit for your tax card:
    • Log in to MyTax and click the Tax cards and prepayments link on the home page.
    • Click Request a new tax card.
    • Report the tax credit for household expenses in the Other deductions stage.
    • Please note that the system also asks you to change your income amount in the Pre-completed income and deductions stage – changing the amount by just one euro is enough if you cannot make a more specific estimation.
  2. Tax return: If you report the credit for your tax return:
    • Log in to MyTax and click the Check your pre-completed tax return link on the home page.
    • Click Make corrections to the pre-completed tax return.
    • First, go to Pre-completed income and deductions or Other deductions, and then fill in the fields for the household credit.

More detailed guidance: How to file deductions in MyTax

If you are filing on paper, you can find the link to the form at the bottom of the page. For guidance, see the ‘Tax credit for household expenses’ section in the MyTax instructions.

Did a company file the information for you?

As of 2023, companies have been able to file information on behalf of their clients, provided that they have started using the new API for filing. If you have agreed that the company files your information to the Tax Administration, you can find the information pre-completed in MyTax.

  1. Go to “Tax card and prepayments 2023”, click the link Tax credit for household expenses 2023, and check that the information is correct. If you wish, you can request a new tax card in which the tax credit is taken into account.
  2. The Tax Administration may also propose a change to your tax card during the tax year. In such a case, we will contact you by post or via MyTax.
  3. Please note that the majority of companies do not yet file information on behalf of their clients. So make sure to add any missing information to your tax card request or tax return.

You need the following information for the tax credit for household expenses

When you buy services from a company:

You can get credit for the share of the expenses charged for the work itself, but not for other costs (such as tool or travel expenses). For this reason, the company that did the work must also include in the invoice a specification of the expenses that do not count towards the tax credit for household expenses. If the work-related share is not specified in the invoice, ask the company that did the work for more information.

When you hire an employee:

  • the employee’s personal ID
  • the gross wages you paid to the employee (including tax withheld)
  • details on indirect wage expenses.

Save the receipts for the work done.  We may ask you to show them later. Read more about how long you should save your receipts.

Further information

How much credit can I claim? Use the calculator to estimate the amount of credit

The tax credit amount and credit threshold 

Requirements for tax credit for household expenses

Which types of work entitle you to the credit? See the list of frequently asked questions about different types of work

You are sharing the tax credit for household expenses with your spouse

Frequently asked questions

You can claim tax credit for household expenses per calendar year.

The credit is deducted from the taxes of the year when you paid the company’s invoice or the wages and employer’s contributions for your employee. For example, if you order renovation work at the turn of the year and you pay invoices for the work during two different calendar years, you can claim the tax credit for both years. However, you will also have to pay the credit threshold amount twice.

The credit is deducted primarily from your taxes on earned income and capital income. Most other deductions reduce the amount of earned income that is taxed, not the amount of tax itself. This means that the tax credit for household expenses has a bigger effect on your taxes.

Please note that if you do not have enough taxes payable to benefit from the full amount of the credit, the amount that was not credited to you this year cannot be carried over to the next year.

Yes, you can. If you paid an invoice in 2022, for example, you can no longer report it on your tax return because the tax-filing season has ended. However, if you want to, you can file a claim for adjustment.

Check for which years it is still possible to make a claim for adjustment

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