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Can I add enclosures, attachment files, additional information for my pre-completed tax return in MyTax?

You cannot add enclosures or free-text pages with additional taxpayer-provided information for the tax return, unless you are filling in one of the specific MyTax pages where this is provided for.

After you have logged in to MyTax to make corrections to your pre-completed tax return, you can see that the sections and pages of MyTax contain questions that you must answer. Your answers are the main method of giving the information that the Tax Administration needs. It is enough if you just fill in each space with the amounts, facts, and details as appropriate.

For example, to claim a tax-deductible expense, you simply fill in the amount and the information that MyTax has asked you to give. No enclosures, receipts or documentation are necessary. However, you should keep the receipts and documentation in a safe place for possible future use. In the same way, the MyTax view of your tax return contains no extra spaces for free-text additions. The Tax Administration will communicate with you if any information is needed that you have not already given.

Some of MyTax’ sections contain an “Upload an attachment file” feature – one of them is the section for sales of securities such as corporate stocks. In this case, the words Enclosures and Add a file appear.

Please note that the MyTax view does not contain numbered enclosure forms (such as Form 7H Rental income – Apartments in a housing company, or other numbered forms).

Instead of having to fill in many numbered forms for different kinds of income, you simply enter the amounts under the appropriate sections in MyTax. There are specific sections for different types of income. For example, rental income has a section of its own.