Tax card

Check your percentage rate of tax withholding. If necessary, ask for a revised tax card. See instructions.

Bank account number

Submit your bank account number if you have not submitted it yet or if it has changed.

We need your bank account number to pay you tax refunds.

Back Taxes

If the end date of your tax-assessment process was in June, you must pay the first instalment of your back taxes by 2 August 2021.

Note: the Tax Administration no longer has an account in the OP bank. Accordingly, you should not pay taxes to a bank account in OP.


If the end date of assessment was in June, the date when you can receive a refund is 3 August 2021.

It will be paid into your bank account some time during that day.

Real estate tax

For most payers of real estate tax, the due dates are 6 August 2021 and 6 October 2021.

Work in Finland

When you come to Finland to work, your tax treatment depends on the length of your stay. The treatment also depends on the country of the employer, i.e. whether you work for a Finnish employer or for a foreign one. Additionally, special tax rules apply to certain professions and types of work.