Why does MyTax throw me out of the service?

You are automatically logged out of MyTax if you have not clicked on any links in the service in the last 60 minutes. MyTax displays a warning 5 minutes before you are logged out. If you click the link in the warning, you can keep using the service without having to log in again.

If you get a notification saying “Your session has expired” when you are in MyTax, your internet connection may be at fault. The e-service may think you are using MyTax with multiple IP addresses.

For example, this can happen if you use the same device on a fixed broadband connection and in a mobile network. If the connection type changes, your IP address may also change. Because you can only access MyTax from one IP address at the same time for security reasons, MyTax will automatically log you out.

In this case, you or your internet service provider should change your connection settings to always access MyTax from only one IP address at a time.

Page last updated 5/19/2020