How to file an excise duty return on alcohol in MyTax

  1. Select All activities on the home page.

  2. Go to the section Tax returns and tax information. Select Excise duties.

  3. Go to Excise duty returns and select Excise duty return on alcohol.

  4. Click File return for the tax period for which you wish to file a return.

  5. Report what kind of activities you have had during the tax period. You can give details on multiple activities on one return.

    If you have ordered alcohol products from another EU country and you have previously filed an advance notice, you can see it here.

  6. If necessary, change the contact information of the person who can provide further information. When you have filled in all the necessary details, proceed to Activity details.

  7. If you have had multiple types of activities during the tax period, click the titles of each activity to open their specifications. Enter details on each activity separately. If you have only had one type of activity, the specification opens automatically.

    If you have previously filed an advance notice, you can see the details you have filed here. Check that the details are correct.

  8. Add a new product or edit the details of an existing product by clicking Open specification.

  9. If necessary, select Add new to add a new product group. A new window opens. Enter the details on the taxable products and click OK.

    You can edit the details of an existing product group by clicking its name.

  10. Once everything is correct, click OK.

  11. After you have entered all the required details, you can move on to the next stage, Preview and send.

  12. Check the details you have entered to make sure everything is correct. If necessary, you can make further changes by clicking Edit.

    When all the details are correct, submit the return.