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Can I request a photocopy of a deed of inventory from the Tax Administration?

The Tax Administration stores the deed of estate inventory and its enclosures in an electronic format. When the deed is placed in electronic storage, the paper documents are destroyed.

Deeds of estate inventory are confidential. However, photocopies may be obtained for a justified reason. Photocopies may be subject to a charge. The Tax Administration’s price list on documents retrieved from the archive (in Finnish and Swedish)

How to submit a request for a photocopy

You are an inheritor or you are the person reporting the estate

You represent a bank, law firm or a similar organisation

If you cannot use MyTax or the e-service

Complete Form 3627 to request a copy of the deed of estate inventory

Photocopies of deeds from before 1994

If the deed of estate inventory was drawn up before 1994, you should contact the District Court of the deceased person’s final municipality of domicile to ask for a photocopy. Contact information for District Courts in Finland:

The Tax Administration keeps permanent records of deeds of inventory, including enclosures, drawn up in 1994 and later. For deeds drawn up before 1994, the archival period at the Tax Administration is 30 years.

Page last updated 2/12/2024