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Distribution of the estate – send a photocopy of the deed to the Tax Administration

After the estate inventory meeting has been held, the property can be distributed. You can start the distribution without any specific permission from the Tax Administration even if you have not yet received the decision concerning inheritance taxes.

It is necessary to write a deed of distribution for the estate. The decedent’s property is transferred to the inheritors on the basis of what is recorded in the deed.

The deed of distribution must indicate

  • What property has been distributed
  • What the property’s value is when distributed
  • What property each one of the inheritors received
  • What property has not been distributed, if any
  • Whether or not the estate was distributed fully

Each one of the shareholders must put their signature on the deed of estate distribution.

The Tax Administration refrains from giving an opinion on whether electronically provided signatures on deeds of division and distribution would be sufficient. Handwritten signatures on paper are still the generally accepted and safe method of signing.

The Tax Administration has no template or model format for the deed. For preparing the deed, you can use the templates available online and in bookshops.

Send a photocopy of the deed of distribution to the Tax Administration. For the needs of the Tax Administration, one single photocopied example is sufficient.

You are an inheritor or you are the person reporting the estate

Go to MyTax and send the deed of estate distribution

For the needs of the Tax Administration, one photocopied example is sufficient.

You represent a bank, law firm or a similar organisation

Go to the Tax Administration’s e-service to send the deed of distribution

If you need a list of what you just sent, you must print out the list or save it immediately when sending the documents.

How to submit the deed in MyTax

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

  1. Select the All tax types tab.

  2. Go to Inheritance taxes to click Activities relating to inheritance tax.

  3. Select Deed of partition and distribution of an estate or another additional account under Deed of estate inventory.

  4. The process has 2 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail below your name.

    Basic details:

    • Enter the deceased person’s details.
    • Click Add file to add attachments. Attachments can have the following file formats: pdf, rtf, doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, tiff and png.
    • Enter the contact information of a person who can provide further information.
  5. Preview and send: Re-check all the information you entered.
    Finally, click Submit.

If you have no access to our electronic services

If you cannot submit the deed electronically in MyTax or in the Tax Administration’s e service, send it to the following address:

Finnish Tax Administration — Verohallinto
Inheritance and gift taxation
P.O. Box 760
FI-00052 VERO

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