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How to file a gift tax return in MyTax

Gift tax returns are filed by gift recipients. If the recipient is an underage child, the return is filed by their parent or guardian.

You can also act on behalf of a gift recipient if they have granted you the authorisation for managing their tax matters. How to grant a authorisation for tax matters

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

Do the following

  1. Select the Tax matters tab.

  2. Click the Gift tax return link under Gift tax.

  3. The process has 5 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail below your name.

    Stage Beneficiary and donor:

    • Answer the questions by selecting the appropriate option.
    • Enter the donor’s country of residence, Business ID or personal ID and name.
    • If the donor’s country of residence is not Finland and they have no Finnish personal ID or Finnish Business ID, enter the donor’s date of birth.
  4. Stage Gift details:

  5. Stage Retained rights:

    • Select Yes if the right of possession is retained by the donor and not transferred to you. Report the requested details on the retained rights.
  6. Stage Additional information:

    • Report if the same donor has given you any other such gifts worth less than €5,000 during the past 3 years for which you have not filed a separate gift tax return.
    • Also state if you request that an advance ruling issued to you or the donor should be applied in the gift taxation.
  7. Stage Preview and send: Check that the details are correct. Finally, click Submit.

When you receive a gift tax decision, pay the gift tax

Once your gift tax return has been processed, you will get a gift tax decision. Processing a gift tax return takes on average 6–12 months but in some cases you may receive a decision within a few days or weeks.

You will receive the gift tax decision in MyTax and can also pay the tax through MyTax. If you have not activated messages, i.e. not decided to use e-services only, you will also receive the decision by post. Enclosed with the decision you will receive a bank transfer form with the necessary payment details.

Page last updated 11/22/2021