How to view and pay back taxes in MyTax

You can pay your back taxes on the current day in MyTax or copy the payment details from MyTax and pay the tax later in your online bank.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window).

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    You can see the amount and due date of your back taxes under Payment status on the home page.

    If your tax assessment has not ended yet, the information is displayed at Tax decision on income tax below the Payment status section. Please note that if you pay back taxes before the tax assessment is completed, the amount shown on the home page will not change.

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    If your tax assessment has not ended yet, select the Individual income tax section, go to All tax years and click Show details on all tax years to view the details.

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    At the appropriate tax year, you can see how much back taxes you have to pay and when the due date is.

    The back tax amount shown here will not change even if you make a payment. However, the next instalment amount shown at Next payment due will change when you make a payment.

    If you or your spouse make changes to the tax return

    • you will see the text “Your return is being processed” at the back tax amount until you receive a new tax decision
    • the due date and the amount of the next instalment are not indicated at Next payment due.
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    Click Paying taxes under Payment status on the Your tax types tab to check the details needed for paying back taxes, such as the bank account number and reference number.

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    If you want to pay back taxes in your online bank, you will find the reference number for paying back taxes under Individual income tax. Scroll down the page to find the Tax Administration bank account numbers. You can also download the payment details as a file by clicking Download as file (csv).

    Log in to your online bank and pay the back taxes with the payment details you found in MyTax.

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    If you want to pay back taxes through MyTax, select the button Pay individual income tax.

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    You will see your unpaid back taxes. Enter the amount to be paid and click Next. The date of payment is automatically the current day, and it cannot be changed.

    If your tax assessment has not ended yet, back tax instalments are not displayed in the table. However, you can add an amount of your choice to the Amount of payment field. The payment is allocated to back taxes if you do not have any other unpaid taxes.

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    Select the button Go to e-bank.

  9. After you have paid the back taxes, it takes 1 or 2 days before the payment is displayed in MyTax.