Can a payment arrangement be made for my back taxes?

If you cannot pay a back tax by its due date and the extended due dates that are indicated in the reminder letters, you can ask for a payment arrangement MyTax (

You can get a payment arrangement if:

  • The financial difficulties you are having are temporary, not permanent
  • You are currently not on a payment plan due to another similar arrangement
  • You have no taxes undergoing recovery by an enforcement office

See other conditions of payment arrangements and guidance on requesting

If you are currently on a payment plan because of an earlier payment arrangement with the Tax Administration, you may want to pay a lump sum to cancel all its instalments and request a new arrangement. Log in to MyTax to check the sum total of the taxes on your plan. If you decide to pay the entire sum, please use the reference number of the payment arrangement. When the sum total of the earlier arrangement is paid in full, you can log in to MyTax a couple of days later and ask for a new arrangement.

See the guidance: How to request a payment arrangement in MyTax

Please note that you cannot yet ask for a payment arrangement before the exact amount of tax is known: you must wait until the Tax Administration has finished your tax assessment for the year and sent you a tax decision.