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Calculator for the tax credit for electricity

This calculator helps you estimate your tax credit for electricity.

You can claim a tax credit for electricity that you have used in your permanent home between 1 January and 30 April 2023. The credit is 60% of the electricity expenses exceeding €2,000. However, you can claim a credit only for expenses that do not exceed €6,000.

You can claim a tax credit for electric power and for the basic charge for electric power. No credit is granted for electricity transmission, so do not include the basic charge for electricity transmission or any other electricity transmission charges in the calculation.

If you have not received a bill yet, you can estimate your electricity expenses for the 4-month period based on your previous electricity bill.


The credit for household expenses and the credit for electricity have a shared annual liability threshold of €100 per person. This means that if do not claim any other credit for household expenses, the €100 threshold is subtracted from the credit for electricity.

If the tax credit is greater than the amount of tax you have to pay, the Tax Administration automatically transfers the tax credit for electricity to your spouse’s tax assessment. If you do not have a spouse or if the credit is also greater than the amount of tax your spouse has to pay, you can apply for Kela’s financial assistance with electricity costs. See the instructions on applying for assistance with electricity costs from Kela.

Page last updated 1/3/2024