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You can add companies and tax types to your favourites in MyTax

Use Favourites for easy access to matters and tasks that you manage frequently in MyTax.

Once you have added companies to your favourites, you can see a list of all the open tasks of your favourites on the Tasks tab. If you click the task “You have unpaid overdue taxes”, for example, you can move on to the company’s balance specification.

Go to MyTax and log in (opens in a new window)

Accounting firm: How to add a company to your favourites

  1. See image

    When you log in to MyTax, select Act on behalf of a company.

    On the All tab, you can see all the companies on behalf of which you can act.

    If you have more than 100 customers: You can add favourites on the Taxpayers tab by clicking Open the complete list of taxpayers.

    Click the star icon next to those companies that you want to mark as your favourites. You can add up to 100 favourites.

    In future, you will find the companies you have selected on the Favourites tab.

  2. See image

    On the Tasks tab, you can see all the tasks that are related to the companies you have marked as your favourites.

How to add a tax type to your favourites

  1. When Your tax types tab has 5 or more different tax types, the Favourites tab will also appear. If you want to add tax types to your favourites, go to the Favourites tab.

  2. Click Edit favourites.

  3. Click the star icon next to those tax types that you wish to mark as your favourites.

    In future, you can access the tax types you have selected by clicking the Favourites tab.

Page last updated 11/23/2021