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How to view transactions in MyTax

You can search MyTax for transactions related to different tax types. You can filter the search results by using appropriate search terms.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window)

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    Select the Activities tab on the MyTax home page.

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    Click the link Transaction search in the Payments section.

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    Select transaction type.

    • You can either search for taxes and other payment liabilities, such as late-filing penalties and late-payment interest, or tax refunds and other types of credit.

    Select one or more tax types.

    • You can see only the tax types you have transactions for.

    Select what type of transactions you want to search for.

    • You can search for all transactions or filter the results to display only one or more of the following: taxes, interests, or penalty fees.

    Select period.

    • You can search for transactions during a certain time period based on the transaction date (record date) or tax period. You can also search for transactions by selecting both the transaction date and the tax period.

    Select if you would like to search for payments.

    • You will see all the payments you have made to the Tax Administration during the selected period.

    Click the Search button.

    • The search results are sorted by record date, from oldest to newest. You can change the order of the search results by clicking on a heading, for example Due date.
    • If you wish, you can save the transactions as a file by clicking Download as a CSV file or Download as a PDF file.
Page last updated 11/19/2023