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How can I check whether or not I already filed a tax return? How can I check the information included in it?

  1. First go to the Communication tab and then click Filed returns and submitted reports, requests and applications under Status of returns and requests.

  2. Select the appropriate period. However, if you know an exact date, enter that date in both the Start date and End date fields.

    Enter a keyword or part of it in the Search the contents field and press Enter. For example, if you enter the word “forest”, all your submitted tax returns inside the selected period that have a heading containing this word are shown.

    You can click on the column labels Date, Subject, and Tax type, etc. to rearrange the contents.

    To check the information and amounts you had submitted, click on the tax return’s or application letter’s heading.

  3. If you prefer, you can go over the submitted information stage-by-stage. Alternatively, you can click Open as file (pdf) to open an entire tax return in PDF format.

Page last updated 4/5/2024