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What is considered rental income?

Rental income is income received from allowing another person to occupy your property, use your vehicle or other assets in return for money, or in return for goods and services that you receive instead of money.

Examples of rental property include

  • Apartments, houses, summer homes
  • Motor vehicles, caravans, trailers and boats
  • Warehouse and storage spaces
  • Parking spaces
  • Articles of clothing, handbags, other accessories to be worn
  • Machinery and equipment including a chain saw

In addition to rent, rental income also covers all other payments you get from your tenant – such as money towards a water bill or rent for a parking space. 

However, if the tenant pays you a security deposit, it is not income to you unless the tenant later fails to make their rent payments and you need to keep the deposited money.

Did you use a platform, an app, a website to rent out property to guests and tenants? The Tax Administration receives information concerning the income paid to you through digital platforms both in Finland and abroad. The Tax Administration requires that you report all this income, and we monitor data streams to check for discrepancies. Remember to report this type of income on your pre-completed return.

Page last updated 4/26/2024