How to file a household’s report on construction work in MyTax

How to file a report on construction work

  1. Log in to MyTax.

    This requires electronic identification. You can log in to MyTax with your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

  2. Find Activities and select All activities.

  3. Find the section titled Other returns. Select Household’s report on construction work from the list.

  4. The first stage of filing is Basic details. Change your contact information, if necessary.

    Select whether the construction object is a real estate unit or a housing or real estate holding company.

  5. After you have made the selection, fill in more details on the real estate unit or company, such as the property identifier and location.

    Once all the details are correct, move on to the next stage, Details on construction work. Click Next to proceed.

  6. This stage is Details on construction work. You must state whether you have paid a company or employee for the construction work. If you have done all the work yourself or it has been done by community labour, i.e. you have not paid for the work, respond No to the questions in this stage.

  7. If you answer Yes to either question, you will need to answer some further questions. For example, if you have paid a company for the work, enter the company’s Business ID or other identifier. Then, enter the length of the contract and the amount of money you paid to the company. If you have paid multiple companies for construction work, add the other companies one at a time by selecting Add company.

    After you have filled in all the required details, move on to the final stage, Preview and send. Click Next to proceed.

  8. Check the details before submitting them.

    If needed, you can still make corrections. You can return to earlier stages by clicking Previous.

    If you wish to continue filling in the details later, select Save as unfinished. The Tax Administration will not process the report before you have submitted it. Saved reports are stored in MyTax for 3 months. You can also submit the report every time you make additions to it.

  9. If the details are correct, click Submit.

    Reports you submit are also saved in MyTax.