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How to make corrections to a construction report or delete a report

  1. You are on the tab called Your tax types. Go to Reports on construction work to select Show details of reports on construction work.

  2. Go to the Reports tab, find the report where you need to make corrections or the report you want to delete: press the Open return button.

    If there are many reports, only a list is shown, so you cannot see specific reports as they show in the screenshot. If you only see a list, you should click on the report’s name.

  3. Select Correct or delete.

  4. Your previously submitted report will appear.

    • To delete it, scroll down until you get to Deleting a report. Select Yes. Then go to Preview and send.
    • To make corrections, enter the correct information to the previewed report.
  5. When in Preview and send, remember to click on Submit to have the report corrected or deleted.

Page last updated 2/22/2022