The resource monitoring

Resource monitoring tool strengthens proactivity in the crime prevention chain

The resource monitoring tool published on the Grey economy & economic crime website significantly increases transparency of the operative resources available to the prevention of the shadow economy and economic crime, and the results of the prevention measures.

The resource monitoring tool can be used to quickly gain an overview of the resources available to the closely linked authorities as well as the development and possible deficiencies of the resources. The presentation method is based on a chain approach to the interdependencies of authorities’ resources. The resource monitoring tool can be used to produce data-based estimates on how any increases or decreases in resources can be expected to affect the workloads of other authorities.

The front page of the resource monitoring tool shows a summary of the key data related to monitoring and criminal procedure as three-year monitoring data obtained from seven different authorities.

The front page also shows the annual person-years allocated by various authorities to combatting the shadow economy and economic crime, as well as realised person-years. In addition, the tool shows the number of pending cases in monitoring and criminal proceedings and the work backlog, meaning work not yet carried out. For the Finnish Tax Administration and the Regional State Administrative Agency’s OSH Division, the tool also shows data about real-time cases that are investigated with the pre-trial investigation authority, the Police of Finland and Finnish Customs. The resource management tool creates an overview of the flow of cases and any possible bottlenecks in the process.

The tool enables in-depth examination of data from different authorities. The subpages include information on the ratio between available resources and the workload of the relevant authority. For example, the information on the Police of Finland and the National Enforcement Authority Finland includes information on the number of employees with less than two years of work experience in person-years. Experience and competence are known to have a significant effect in combatting the shadow economy and economic crime.

The resource management tool makes the monitoring of authorities more transparent. The monitoring work is significant in preventing misconduct and it also produces material for the prevention of economic crime. The tool can also be used to examine relationships between units and create regional situational awareness.

The data of the monitoring tool are updated three times a year, in January, May and September. History data is available for previous years.

Page last updated 5/22/2024