Taxi legislation poses challenges in combating the shadow economy

The revised legislation has ushered in new challenges in tackling the shadow economy. The three key aspects that hinder efforts to tackle the shadow economy are permit processes, fixed-price rides and data from taximeters. The Tax Administration’s Grey Economy Information Unit carried out a study to investigate this issue.

The dark side of the pet business

The number of imported pets has risen substantially in the last ten years. The purpose of illegal pet imports is to seek monetary gains. Smugglers increasingly often copy their methods from organised crime.  Co-operation between the authorities plays a key role in monitoring the illegal pet trade. 

One in four knows of a business that has operated illegally

The Tax Administration commissioned a customer survey to map its corporate customers’ thoughts on issues such as the shadow economy. In 2019, 27 per cent of the survey respondents said they knew of a business that had purchased or sold goods or services illegally without a receipt.  

The big picture of the grey economy and economic crime

The website on the grey economy and economic crime provides summarised information on the grey economy and economic crime in Finland. The website is maintained through the cooperation of the authorities engaged in combating the grey economy. Further information on the authorities is available under the section About this website.

The website will support the decision-making of authorities and political decision-makers. The information it provides will enhance society’s capabilities to react rapidly to the phenomena and harm associated with the grey economy and economic crime. In addition, the website will provide companies and citizens with information on how to act or protect themselves against such harm.

The big picture is a combination of various aspects

The website provides an overview of the topical phenomena of the grey economy and economic crime comprising the observations of a number of different authorities. In addition, the website offers both domestic and international estimates on the scope and amount of the grey economy and economic crime. The website also provides information on the impact of action taken to prevent the grey economy and economic crime based on the statistics of authorities, including company audits and their results. The website also follows the progress of various projects included in the operational programme concerning the grey economy and economic crime.

In addition, the website contains a selection of recent domestic and international news flows on the grey economy and economic crime.

News about the shadow economy and economic crimes

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