Grey economy & economic crime Snapshot 2017
Grey economy and economic crime

Grey economy and economic crime

The new shadow economy & economic crime crime website will provide summarised, up-to-date information on the shadow economy and economic crime in Finland. This snapshot will be maintained through cooperation with all key public authorities engaged in combating the shadow economy.

The snapshot will also support decision making by the authorities. The information it provides will enhance society's capabilities to react rapidly to the phenomena and harm associated with the shadow economy and economic crime. In addition, the snapshot will provide companies and citizens with information on how to act or protect themselves against such harm.

The snapshot will evaluate the content and scope of the shadow economy

The snapshot will describe topical shadow economy phenomena, by combining findings issued on the same theme by several authorities. On the basis of such information, an overall picture will be created of major shadow economy phenomena emerging in society, or the threat of such developments.

The snapshot will also evaluate the scope and size of the shadow economy and the amount of economic crime. These evaluations will be based on national and international studies and reports. In addition, the snapshot will use statistical information to monitor the impact of action taken against the shadow economy and economic crime, such as company audits and the related sanctions.

The snapshot will be based on cooperation between authorities

Within the scope of their statutory duties, the public authorities hold a great deal of information and findings on the shadow economy. Such information will be made available for common use via the snapshot. The background to this new activity lies in concern, expressed by the Parliamentary Audit Committee and the National Audit Office of Finland, about shortcomings in the public authorities’ overall picture of the shadow economy and economic crime.

The creation of a snapshot is a project forming part of the strategic programme for combating the shadow economy and economic crime in 2016–2020. All public authorities involved in combating the shadow economy, bodies performing official duties and six ministries – around 20 organisations in total – are involved in implementing the snapshot. The Grey Economy Information Unit of the Tax Administration will maintain the website and coordinate its editorial board. The steering group for the prevention of economic crime led by the Ministry of the Interior will act as the Steering Group of the snapshot.

The shadow economy & economic crime website will make the snapshot generally available on an open web portal at: The goal is to make the site fully open to the public in early 2018. Envisaged users of the site include the general public, political decision-makers, public authorities and academics.

This initial release of the website will introduce all public authorities involved in creating the snapshot. Introductions to the public authorities in question can be found in the ‘Combating economic crime’ section of the website. The website will provide further information on topical phenomena related to the shadow economy and economic crime.