Prevent undeclared work

You can affect general attitudes with your own example. With the help of the information on this website, companies and individuals can more easily recognise what the shadow economy is and identify economic crimes. This website contains tips and examples of how you can act to protect yourself and the society against the harms caused by the shadow economy and economic crime.

Undeclared work is an international phenomenon In the most serious cases, the use of undeclared workers may involve extortionate work discrimination, forced labour and trafficking in human beings when the work is carried out in unlawful conditions.

Private individuals

  • Do not compromise on your rights. Only work with a tax card and always insist on a written employment agreement and pay slip. Make sure that your wages are paid to your bank account.
  • Check your pay slips regularly and check your pension record annually. Know whether you are in an employment relationship or treated as a self-employed person.
  • Request a receipt for all purchases. When you purchase household and renovation services, check that the company providing the service is listed in the prepayment register and the VAT register ( [.fi]›).


  • See to entrepreneurs’ obligations related to taxes, pension insurance and accident insurance, and report your employees’ wages to the Income Register.
  • Establish what your business partners’ backgrounds are like. Signs of the use of undeclared labour can include the extensive use of external services or the company’s representative having inadequate expertise related to the product or its marketing.
  • Pay attention to payment arrangements. You should request additional clarification if payment is made to a third party and/or a third country, if payment is requested to be divided between multiple accounts, or if a business partner requires cash payment. You should also assess whether the terms of the business transaction are sensible: do the payment periods or terms of the business transaction deviate from normal industry practices?