Week of action 21-25 September 2020

#EU4FairWork campaign

The #EU4FairWork campaign is raising awareness of the benefits of declared work among employers and employees as well as informing decision-makers about the importance of preventing undeclared work. Authorities together with organisations are on board with this EU-wide campaign. #EU4FairWork is primarily visible on social media. Its highlight is a Europe-wide week of action during which national events and activities will be organised.

Fair work – fair play

Every one of us deserves fair terms of employment and working conditions. Discrimination and taking advantage of someone else’s weaker position are not fair work. The most serious forms of undeclared work involve blatant underpayment or putting the employee in a very unfair position, such as by taking advantage of his/her financial distress or dependence on the employer.

Declare income – everyone benefits

We must all do our part to prevent undeclared work. Payments for undeclared work are generally made in cash and not reported to the Incomes Register. Declared work guarantees the right to social security, appropriate pay, working hours and occupational safety.

Companies that use undeclared labour gain an unjustified competitive advantage on other companies in their business through cheaper labour costs. Properly declared work builds shared security and funds public services.





  • Take care of your employees – they take care of your customers.
  • Attract the best employees with a legal and ethical corporate culture.
  • Foster your reputation ‒ it’s a win for your company, employees and partners.
  • Be reliable. Declare your employees and income properly [.fi]›.
  • You don’t have to prevent undeclared work on your own ‒ we engage in Europe-wide co-operation.
  • Undeclared work knows no borders ‒ we need political and legislative action.
  • Preventing undeclared work ‒ strong support for the authorities.
  • We must all do our part to prevent undeclared work.


Undeclared work in the European Union

33% of Europeans know someone who has done undeclared work.

The results of the latest Eurobarometer survey shed light on undeclared work in EU member states. Around one fourth of Finns who responded to the survey said that they personally know someone who works without declaring their income to the authorities. Read more about the survey results here [.fi]›.

Test your knowledge

Campaign picture, link to video: How well do you know undeclared work

The interactive quiz How well do you know undeclared work [.fi]› is now out!

Declared work means peace of mind

Watch the video: Declared work means peace of mind [.fi]›.

Link to video: Declared work means peace of mind

Useful information

The campaign begins in March and ends in October 2020. Follow the campaign on social media at #EU4FairWork.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health press release 22 September 2020: Ministers Haatainen and Pekonen: Active cooperation between companies, organisations and the authorities required to tackle undeclared work [.fi]›

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