EU 4 Fair Construction

The EU for Fair Construction information campaign focuses primarily on posting of workers in the construction sector, and rights and obligations of posted workers and their employers. Authorities together with organisations are on board with this EU-wide campaign. #EU4FairConstruction is primarily visible on social media. Its highlight is a Europe-wide week of action during which national events and activities will be organised.

The EU-wide information campaign will start on 17 October 2023 and will be implemented in all Member States. Follow the campaign on social media at #EU4FairConstruction, #ConstructionSector and #Labourmobility and campaign webpage [.eu]›.

Read more information leaflet for posted workers in the construction sector – know your rights and obligations (PDF 453 kt)

Watch campaign video [YouTube]›

Link to campaign video.

The Finnish Construction Trade Union is working for a fair job market

16 October 2023 The Finnish Construction Trade Union | Nina Kreutzman

From the perspective of construction sites, the harm caused by the shadow economy is significant both for the workers and the development of the entire industry. Neglecting statutory payments and obligations for financial gain is short-sighted and only leads to the problems stacking up in the long term. At construction sites, the shadow economy is seen as undeclared work and labour abuse, especially of foreign employees.

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Getting what you paid for – combatting undeclared work

17 October 2023 Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT | Ville Wartiovaara

The shadow economy does not only cause a loss of income for society, it also distorts competition and causes losses for law-abiding companies through lost bids for contracts, for example. For individuals, it results in less pension accrued, uncertain employment, and dependence on an abusive employer.

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