Combat corruption

You can affect general attitudes with your own example. With the help of the information on this website, companies and individuals can more easily recognise what the shadow economy is and identify economic crimes. This website contains tips and examples of how you can act to protect yourself and the society against the harms caused by the shadow economy and economic crime.

Corruption is the misuse of authority for personal benefit. Corruption has serious consequences for society as well as at the individual level because it slows down economic development, increases economic inequality and environmental destruction and weakens democracy.

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Private individuals and businesses

  • Pay attention to conflicts of interest, meaning situations where the organisation has multiple interests, financial or otherwise, one of which may corrupt the motivation or decision-making ability of the individual or organisation in question.
  • Avoid dual roles, meaning situations where an individual holds two simultaneous roles; for example, as a participant in a tendering process and as a decision-maker.
  • Do not give precedence to an individual, company or other party without justification. Also make sure not to favour relatives or help friends and acquaintances in reciprocal and unjustified ways. Cronyism refers to networks that are closed to some extent and whose activities are based on reciprocity and unethical favouritism.
Page last updated 1/23/2019