Is your company involved in a VAT fraud?

You can affect general attitudes with your own example. With the help of the information on this website, companies and individuals can more easily recognise what the shadow economy is and identify economic crimes. This website contains tips and examples of how you can act to protect yourself and the society against the harms caused by the shadow economy and economic crime.

You may unintentionally participate in fraudulent trading, where someone in the trading chain attempts to avoid value added tax (VAT). Usually it is the buyer who becomes party to a VAT fraud, but you may also unknowingly sell something to a fraudulent delivery chain. All companies, whatever the size or line of business, face the risk of becoming involved in fraudulent activities. Companies are always obliged to check whether their business partners can be trusted.

You will not be held responsible if you participate in fraudulent trading without your knowledge, but the condition is that you acted in good faith. This means that you are expected to take normal precautions in your business activities.

Page last updated 5/17/2019