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Excise duty on soft drinks

Companies that produce or import soft drinks are subject to the excise duty on soft drinks. The duty is payable at receival of goods in Finland or, if the goods are released for consumption from a tax warehouse, at release of the goods. The soft drinks and other beverages subject to the duty are listed in the tax table (available in Finnish and Swedish, link to Finnish).

Producers and importers are liable for sending an advance notice

When you bring any products to Finland that are subject to national excise duties elsewhere in the European Union – including soft drinks and their bottles and cans – you must submit an advance notice to the Tax Administration.  Submitting the notice is mandatory if you are a casual importer. Holders of an import licence are not required to submit the notice.

Read more about advance notices

You can log in to MyTax to submit an advance notice.

Submitting the advance notice in MyTax

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Products subject to the excise duty

Dutiable products include:

  • waters and juices
  • soft drinks
  • beers, max. 0.5% of alcohol by volume
  • ciders, max. 1.2% of alcohol by volume
  • concentrates and powders for making drinks
  • certain special diet products
  • sports drinks 
  • plant-based milk replacement products with flavourings
  • plant-based drinks containing sugar more than 4.8g/100 ml (such as soy drinks and oat drinks)

Exempted products

No excise duty on soft drinks is collected on products such as:

  • products utilised for industrial production processes of soft drinks
  • products or raw materials used in the industrial production of other products in the food industry
  • unflavoured milk replacement products containing less than 4.8% sugar per 100 millilitres
  • nutritional preparations for clinical purposes
  • treated milk products for infants and babies
  • food products for children
  • preparations for weight loss
  • dietary supplements
  • pharmaceutical products

How much is the excise duty?

The amount depends on the volume of the product measured in litres. In the case of solid beverage ingredients, the amount depends on net weight. Net weight means the ingredient’s weight without its packaging. The duty you need to pay will also depend on product category. For more information on product categories and the duty to be paid, see the  tax table

In addition to the excise duty on soft drinks, remember to file and pay the excise duty on beverage containers.

File and pay your excise duties on soft drinks and beverage containers

You can use MyTax to file and pay the excise duties.

How to file and pay excise duty on soft drinks and beverage containers in MyTax

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You also have the option to file the return through the Tax Administration’s API.

Vero API interfaces

Paper forms are only accepted in certain exceptional circumstances. 

Excise duty return forms

Further information and guidance

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