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Vero API

Vero API is an integration service for real time interactions with Finnish Tax Administration. It provides easy integration to tax processes for software developers. The service follows API standards.

Vero API is aimed for platforms, software vendors and other service providers who do their own software development.  If you don't do your own software development, please contact your software vendor to request integration with these services.

The use of interfaces requires a user-specific certificate and a software-specific API key as of 1.6.2023.

How do I get started?

Stage 1: Experiment in the sandbox

Experiment with the API services in the sandbox.

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Stage 2: Test and develop

Instructions on how to start testing with test certificate.

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Stage 3: Deploying to production

Instructions for deploying to production.

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Interfaces of Vero API

Individual income tax

  • Household expenses reporting for employee wages
  • Household expenses reporting for companies
  • Pensions and benefits reporting
  • Pensions and benefits changed withholding data inquiry
  • Withholding percentage request
  • Rental income reporting
  • Liability status Inquiry

Sandbox Vero API portal

Car tax

  • Demonstration vehicle
  • Car tax new vehicles monthly decision
  • Car tax used vehicle decision
  • New vehicles monthly return
  • Price list filing
  • Used vehicles return
  • Get Vehicle-specific Return Status
  • Get Vehicle Information

Sandbox Vero API portal

Decisions and letters

  • Get letter
  • List info requests
  • List letters
  • Send info request response attachment file
  • Send info request text response

Sandbox Vero API portal


  • Role registration update
  • Role registration line of business and accounting period query
  • Role registration information inquiry
  • Tax period inquiry

Sandbox Vero API portal


  • Get invoice address
  • Payment reference inquiry
  • Register tax number
  • Send invoice address
  • Validate tax number

Sandbox Vero API portal

Self-assessed taxes

  • File VAT EC sales list
  • File VAT return
  • Get filed VAT return
  • Get VAT periods

Sandbox Vero API portal

Corporate income tax

  • Calculate CIT prepayment amount
  • Get current CIT prepayment info
  • Send CIT prepayment application
  • Send profit distribution
  • Share values inquiry

Sandbox Vero API portal

Excise Movement and Control System, EMCS

Businesses operating with products subject to excise duty and using EMCS can start submitting information on movement of products with this API.

Read more: EMCS interfaces will be transferred to the Vero API service.


Sandbox Vero API portal


  • Balance specification
  • Transaction search

Sandbox Vero API portal


  • Codes API

Sandbox Vero API portal


  • Get Vero API authorization token

Sandbox Vero API portal

Notification Service

  • End Notification Subscription
  • List Notifications
  • List Notification Subscriptions
  • Subscribe Notifications

Sandbox Vero API portal

Excise duties

  • Send excise duty return on soft drinks
  • Send beverage containers duty return
  • Get filed excise duty return

Sandbox Vero API portal

Transfer tax

  • Transfer tax return filing

Vero API portal

Planned interfaces

In the sandbox you can find the current and planned interfaces. There you can review the preliminary descriptions of the data content of the new interfaces.  

Go to the sandbox (link opens in a new window)

Please note that no decisions have been made concerning the implementation of these planned interfaces. The data contents of the interfaces may change. 

If you are interested in these planned interfaces, or if you wish to give feedback or ideas for their development, you can contact us via the observation form.

Vero API observation form

If you have any general comments, technical observations or problems concerning Vero API, you can report them to the support team with the observation form.

Availability of Vero API service

The Test environment is available from 08.00 to 16.00. If you use the Test environment at other times, you may encounter downtimes due to maintenance. No tests can be run on Sundays.

The Production environment is available to users almost 24 hours a day. Maintenance downtime of few minutes occurs on weekdays between 17:00 to 18:00, and on weekends around 21.00. In addition to the above downtimes, availability is regularly affected by a service window on the third Sunday of every month from 10.00 to 14.00 due to scheduled maintenance. There is also a regular service window on last Thursday of every month from 17.00 to 01:30.

On the Maintenance breaks and disruptions page you can check the planned maintenance breaks or other exceptional situations that may affect the Tax Administration’s e-services and customer service.

Page last updated 11/3/2023