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Can I make make bigger or more frequent payments than required by the payment plan?

Yes. You can make payments in your arrangement at a faster rate or in bigger instalments than what is required by your payment plan. Always remember to use the payment arrangement’s reference number.

You can check the reference number

  • in the payment arrangement documentation, which you have received by post and in MyTax
  • in MyTax: On the home page, click the link Paying taxes under Payment status. You can see the reference number in MyTax next to the payment button in the Other payment methods section.

If you pay taxes included in the payment arrangement faster than the payment plan requires, then the total amount of taxes included in the arrangement decreases faster and you will need to pay less late-payment interest overall.

Make sure that you are aware of how much of the taxes included in the payment arrangement you have paid. You can see the overall status of your payment arrangement in real time in MyTax.

Page last updated 12/21/2021