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How to apply for an authorised warehouse keeper's authorisation in MyTax

You can use this application to request an authorisation for authorised warehouse keeper activities and for tax warehouses. You can use the same application if you want to change or cancel your current authorisation.

Log in to MyTax (opens in a new window). After you have logged in, do as follows:

  1. Select the Tax matters.

  2. Select Registrations and authorisations and click the Excise duty authorisation.

  3. Stage Basic details:

    Select New authorisation in the “Application concerns” section. After the selection, a new section opens in the application: Regular activities. There you can report what kind of activities you are requesting authorisation for. Select Authorised warehouse keeper.

    If necessary, change the contact information of the person providing further information.

    Proceed to the next stage by clicking Next. Note that after that you can no longer make changes to the details entered in the Basic details stage.

    In the Application concerns section, you can select if you want to request a change to a valid authorisation or cancel an authorisation.

  4. Stage Details on excise duty authorisation:

      • Report what kind of activities you are requesting authorisation for. You can select several options.
      • If you are requesting a right to direct delivery, select Yes.
      • Enter the product for which you are requesting authorisation: click the Add new product In the window that opens, enter the product details and the estimated product volumes during the calendar year. Click OK.
      • If you are requesting an authorisation for several products, add the products one by one.
      • If needed, you can edit product details or remove a product by clicking the name of the product.
      • Add warehouse details by selecting Add tax warehouse. Enter all the details and click OK.
      • If you want to report several warehouses, add them one by one.
  5. If you are applying for a tax warehouse authorisation for alcoholic beverages, liquid fuels or tobacco, enter an email address where you want to receive EMCS notifications.

      • Give a free-form account of the activities subject to excise duty and other required details.
      • Enter the address details of the party requesting authorisation, and add the required attachments.
  6. Stage Preview and send

    Check that the details are correct. If necessary, you can make further changes by clicking Edit.

    Once all the details are correct, click Submit.

Page last updated 4/5/2024