How to find functions relevant to Authorised Intermediaries in MyTax

If you are an Authorised Intermediary, you may need to manage email notifications, respond to information requests and view annual information returns. These instructions help you to find the above functions in MyTax.

Managing email notifications

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    You can order email notifications from MyTax. In other words, you will receive an email if you have a new decision or message in MyTax.

    Click Edit your own details.

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    If you want to receive email notifications about notes and reminders in MyTax, make sure Yes is selected.

    If you want to select the client(s) whose tax matters you will be notified of, click Select your notifications. Note that if there is an information request in MyTax, you will always receive a message without a separate selection. Read more about email notification settings.

Information requests

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    If you have received an information request, you can find it on the Activities Other decisions and letters you have received are also found on the same tab. Click the Information requests link in the Messages and communication section.

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    Read the information request by clicking Open or respond to it by clicking Reply. You can also respond by filing a corrected Authorised intermediary’s annual information return.

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    Write a free-form response, add the necessary attachments and then click Next to preview and send the response.

Annual information return details

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    You can view the annual information return details on the Activities tab. Click the link Annual information return details on an authorised intermediary’s dividends under Business operations.

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    Select the year whose details you would like to view.

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    The Summary view shows

    • messages sent by an authorised intermediary
    • authorised intermediary’s return comparison (summary and specification details)
    • authorised intermediary’s annual information return details by ISIN code
    • authorised intermediary’s annual information returns and dividends transferred to the authorised intermediary itemised by ISIN code.
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    Authorised intermediary’s annual information returns by ISIN code

    Click the ISIN code link in the table to view the number of beneficiaries and the amount of dividends transferred to other authorised intermediaries by ISIN code.

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    Balancing of authorised intermediary’s details by ISIN code

    You can view the balancing of the authorised intermediary’s details by ISIN code by clicking the ISIN code link in the table. This opens the view depicted in the image.

    Here you can see the dividends you have reported and also the dividends that have been transferred to you (Dividends received), as well as the party who transferred them (Name of intermediary or filer).