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CESOP: The information-reporting requirement of payment service providers on cross-border payments

This page contains an overview of the payment service providers’ information-reporting requirement.


  • Stakeholder testing is ongoing. Note: Stakeholder testing will continue until 30 April 2024.

  • Payment service providers’ first CESOP reports are due 30 April 2024.

  • If you have any questions, please send email to: cesop(a)

Guidance for foreign PSPs

Payment service providers must submit information to the Finnish Tax Administration on the payment services they provide in Finland. The obligation to provide information concerns cross-border payments, i.e. payments where the payer is located in an EU Member State and the payee is either in another EU Member State or outside the EU.

CESOP reporting

CESOP reports are submitted as a software file based on the CESOP XML Schema, in the website or through the API interface. When a report has been submitted, the payment service provider receives a response indicating whether the report complies with the requirements. If the report was insufficient, it must be resubmitted. The response indicates what part of the report needs to be corrected. 


You can plan and perform tests relating to CESOP data using the website’s features, or you can use the ApitamoPKI testing API. To take part in stakeholder testing, first submit a testing start notification to

Finnish Business ID for CESOP reporting

If a foreign company needs a Finnish Business ID, they must apply for it by filling in a start-up notification Y1 and appendix form 6204 and submitting a foreign trade register extract or an equivalent document to the Finnish Tax Administration.

Page last updated 4/17/2024