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Test and develop in the testing environment

You can start developing software based on the interface descriptions.

Software developers must request a testing certificate for the different interfaces of the Vero API. The testing certificate allows you to try submitting and receiving data in the Tax Administration’s testing environment, which gives you static responses. You can access the testing environment by connecting to the interfaces’ test addresses with your testing certificate.

Vero API uses the same testing certificate service as the Incomes Register. If you already have a testing certificate for the Incomes Register WebService, you do not need to request a separate certificate for Tax Administration interfaces. However, the start notification must be completed and the content of the certificate file must be sent to us (you will find address on the start notification).

How to request a testing certificate 

If you want to start testing Vero API with a testing certificate, you must do the following:

  • download and complete the testing start notification 6700 (pdf)
  • by signing the start notification and sending it to ohjelmistotalot(at) as a PDF file, you accept the terms and conditions
  • the system starts searcing for a testing certificate for you after you have submitted the notification
  • the technical contact person receives an email with instructions on how to generate a certificate and a secure email for retrieving the testing certificate
    • the testing certificate is retrieved from the WebService interface of the Incomes Register's certificate service, interface description and instructions
    • address of the certificate service's stakeholder testing environment, where to retrieve the test certificate:
      • the technical contact person makes a certificate request (CSR) and submits it to the interface of the certificate service (SignNewCertificate), receiving a transfer identifier (RetrievalId) in response
      • the tecnical contact person uses the transfer identifier to retrieve the certificate from the interface of the certificate service (GetCertificate)
      • the certificate is at the beginning of the GetCertificate response message at <GetCertificate> <Certificate>
    • after the testing certificate has been retrieved, send the content of the certificate to us as a reply to the email message containing the instructions for retrieval
      • send the certificate content to us as text, i.e. in the same format in which it was received from the certificate service in the <Certificate> tag (as Base64-encoded text, not as an attachment file and not as pfx/p12 file)
      • do not send your private key, keep it secured!
    • we will save your testing certificate in our testing environment and inform you when you can use it.

Testing environment

Documentation for Vero APIs and test environment URLs can be found on the Vero API portal.

Go to the Vero API-portal

Instructions for renewing a test certificate

The instructions describe one way to perform the renewal of a certificate issued by the Tax Administration using the web service interface of the Tax Administration's certificate service. Based on the example, certificate renewal can be implemented to your own software.

The renewal of the test certificate described in the Guide is also applicable to the production certificate

renewal, in which case genuine customer information and the production address (URL) of the certificate service are used.

Page last updated 11/10/2023