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The Tax Administration’s certificate service

The Tax Administration is developing a certificate service for managing interface applications and certificates electronically.

Use the certificate service to retrieve production and testing certificates for the following

Certificates are used to identify and authenticate the organisations that use an interface to report or retrieve data. They are also used to verify the integrity of records. The solution is based on digital certificates (Public Key Infrastructure).

For now, certificates for the interfaces of the Tax Administration and the Incomes Register must be ordered using the Incomes Register’s e-service.

The launch of the new service will not affect the existing and currently valid certificates. All existing certificates remain functional throughout their validity period.

Service launch schedule

The aim is to launch the new service during the year 2023.

Submitting interface applications and requesting and managing certificates will be transferred from the Incomes Register’s e-service to the new service.

After the certificate service is deployed, interface application and certificate management will no longer be possible through the e-service.

A more detailed schedule will be published during the winter.


Page last updated 11/25/2022