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How to request prepayment in MyTax - corporate taxpayer

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    You are on the tab Your tax types.

    Click the link Make a prepayment request next to the correct year in the Corporate income tax section.

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    The request has 3 stages. You can see them in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.

    Stage Profit: If you are requesting prepayment for the current or the next tax period, you can choose whether to file only your business income or a more detailed calculation. Fill in the necessary details.

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    Stage Prepayment amount: You will be notified of the new prepayment amount.

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    Stage Preview and send: When you have completed the request, check the information and click Submit. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

    You can view the prepayment decision in MyTax as soon as the request has been processed. How to find letters, tax decisions and tax certificates in MyTax

Page last updated 12/7/2022