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How to file a contractor report in MyTax

  1. Select the Tax matters tab.

  2. Go to Other returns and select File contractor report or employee report.

  3. Click Select return for the period for which you wish to report information.

  4. Go to Contractor report and click on File return.

  5. The report has 3 stages.

    The Filer details stage:

    If necessary, change the contact information of the person providing further information.

  6. The Contract details stage:

    Enter the details for one construction site or agreement at a time. Click Add construction site or agreement to enter information for one single construction site or agreement.

  7. Select how you arrange your report: according to construction sites, or according to agreements.

    Fill in the other details and scroll down.

  8. Click Add contractor at the bottom of the page to enter a contractor.

    If you arrange your report by construction sites, add all the contractors, one by one, who have worked at specific construction sites during the report’s period. To add a new contractor, select Add contractor.

    If you arrange the report according to agreements, you can only enter one contractor per agreement.

  9. Enter the contractor’s Business ID or other identifier. Also enter the contact person, the type of assignment and the length of the contract. Then scroll down.

  10. Fill in the sections concerning invoicing and the reverse charge of value-added taxes. Click OK.

  11. After you have made sure that all the information about contractors is correct, click OK again. This takes you to the main view for contractor reports. If necessary, you can add more construction sites or agreements.

  12. The Preview and send stage:

    • First, make sure all your entries are correct. Click Edit or Previous to make any corrections.
    • You can select Save as unfinished if you want to come back later to complete the report. Your entries in the unfinished report are kept saved for 3 months. The Tax Administration will not process the data before you have submitted it.
    • Once all the details are correct, click Submit. You get an acknowledgement of receipt.
Page last updated 2/22/2022