How to file an employee report in MyTax

  1. Find Activities and select All activities.

  2. Scroll down to Other returns and select Reports on construction work.

  3. Click Select return for the period for which you wish to report information.

  4. Go to Employee report and click on the link File return.

  5. The first stage is Filer details. If necessary, change the contact information of the person who can provide further information. Then, move on to the stage Construction site details. Click Next to proceed.

  6. Enter the details for one construction site at a time. Click Add construction site to enter the employees of a single construction site.

  7. First, enter the location of the construction site. Then, click Add employer to enter the details of the employers operating on the construction site.

    Enter the details one employer at a time.

  8. Enter the employer’s Business ID or other identifier. Report the contact person for the employer company and state whether the company has leased employees working at the construction site.

    Click OK.

    Click Add employer again to enter details for the next employer.

  9. Enter details on all employees working at the construction site. Select Add an employee.

  10. You can add employees either by tax number or by personal ID. If you get an error saying that the tax number and date of birth do not match, check the details again and answer the confirmation question that is displayed above the details.

    Fill in the details on the employee’s type of employment and employer.

    Click OK.

    Click Add an employee again to enter details for the next employee.

  11. If you do not know the required details for all employees, select No in the section Employees reported. A table opens, showing the details you have reported.

    Change the details of the employer for whom you do not have all the employee details.

    The default answer in the Reported column is All. Click the word All next to the employer in question and change the option All into Some (if you are filing details for some of the employees) or None (if you cannot file details on any employees yet).

  12. After you have entered all the employee details you can, click OK on the Details on construction site page. This takes you back to the main view on construction sites, where you can see all the sites you have reported.

  13. After you have entered all the construction sites and all the companies and employees who work at them, you can move on to the next stage, Preview and send. Click Next to proceed.

  14. Check the details before submitting them. If needed, you can still make corrections. You can return to earlier stages by clicking Previous.

    If you wish to continue filling in the details later, select Save as unfinished. The Tax Administration will not process the report before you have submitted it.

  15. If the details are correct, click Submit. See the picture

    Reports you submit are also saved in MyTax.