Incomes Register's stakeholder testing

Stakeholder testing involves data providers testing how data is submitted to the Incomes Register, and data users testing how data is received in a stakeholder testing environment. Data provider testing is designed to ensure that the organisation's payroll software, travel management system, or benefits payment system generates records that meet the requirements set for data in the Incomes Register. The Incomes Register's data user testing focuses on testing subscribed records.

The Incomes Register Project will generate customer data to be used by stakeholders during testing. The test data will comprise imaginary test customers. Stakeholders may also use their own test customers in addition to the records generated by the Incomes Register Project during testing. The Incomes Register Project must be notified of the use of stakeholders' own test customers. As this is a testing environment for a system under development, the test records used must not contain production data (EU Data Protection Regulation, Articles 25 and 32).

See stakeholder testing instructions and documents

Incomes Register's technical interface descriptions

You can begin testing by filling in a testing start notification