Stakeholder events about testing and data reporting in autumn 2023


The project to establish a positive credit register will hold stakeholder events in autumn 2023 as follows:

22 August in Finnish, and 30 August in English

19 September in Finnish, and 26 September in English

24 October in Finnish, and 31 October in English

21 November in Finnish, and 28 November in English.

The events are targeted at operators that report loan contract information to the register and request credit register extracts from the register in the first rollout stage. The events will discuss topical matters regarding stakeholder testing, which started in May, and stakeholders’ questions about testing and the data content to be reported. More specific agendas will be given in connection with invitations. Separate events with the same content will be held in Finnish and in English.

Stakeholders can submit their observations and questions regarding testing in the Enter portal. Questions about the reporting of data can be sent to the project by email to luottotietorekisteri (at)

In addition to participating in the above events, you are recommended to get familiar with the following sections and documents on the register’s website:

the stakeholder testing section and the instructions on testing

the register’s technical documentation

the document Reporting data to the Positive credit register.

The events will be held in Teams from 2 pm to 3.30 pm. An invitation and a Teams link will be sent a few weeks before each event to the stakeholder mailing list compiled by the project. If you are not yet on the project’s mailing list but would like to take part in our events, please send us email to luottotietorekisteri (at)

We are looking forward to meeting you in our stakeholder events!

Page last updated 6/14/2023