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The Positive credit register is a national electronic database where statutory data on loans granted to natural persons is stored. Lenders report data on loan contracts to the register through technical APIs. Data can also be requested from the register: lenders may request information for assessing the borrowers’ creditworthiness, for example, and authorities and credit information companies may request information for other statutory purposes. Data requests are submitted through APIs.

This section is for software developers. We update the pages as the project proceeds.

Technical instructions, such as API descriptions, are published on the Documentation page.

The Stakeholder testing page contains up-to-date information on stakeholder testing and instructions on communication between the testers and the project.

Technical APIs of the Positive credit register

The users of the register, i.e. the data notifiers and data users, communicate through APIs. A technical API is an access point created in accordance with certain specifications and used for sending information between external parties and the register. The register's APIs are REST interfaces with JSON data content.

Data between the Positive credit register and different parties is transferred through APIs. The following APIs will be provided:

  • APIs for reporting data on loan contracts – lenders
  • API for requesting credit register extracts – lenders
  • APIs for requesting information – authorities
  • API for voluntary ban on credits – credit information companies.

To access an API, the user needs a certificate issued by the Tax Administration. The certificate identifies the organisation using the API and ensures the integrity of the data. Further information on the certificate and its retrieval will be provided later.

Progress of the project

We keep our stakeholders up-to-date about the progress of the project and the development work related to the Positive credit register. In addition, we organise information events. Join our mailing list to receive up-to-date information and invitations to our events. To join, please send email to luottotietorekisteri (at)

You can also send us questions by email to ask about the preparations for the Positive credit register. We update the FAQ page on a regular basis.

Page last updated 12/7/2022