Information on the Positive credit register for software developers

Principles of technological design and function

  • The effective date for the act on the Positive credit register is 1 August 2022. However, it will not be applied in full until the spring of 2024 when the register will be ready for implementation. The act contains provisions that determine the register’s principles of operation. 
  • To plan and maintain the future register is the responsibility of the Finnish Tax Administration’s unit called the Incomes Register Unit.
  • The Positive credit register saves information and processes it for purposes defined by law. One of the products of the processing is to compile a data extract containing personal credit information – the credit register extract.
  • Registered data will only be available to the organisations that are entitled to this by definition of law. In the same way, the data can only be used for purposes enumerated in the law.
  • The parties that send information to the Positive credit register must do so because of a new, legally defined information-reporting requirement.
  • The law will provide that registered data can only be used against a charge.
  • The transfer of information will be based on a high level of automation.
    • Lenders will submit information through system interfaces. The information cannot be submitted on a paper form.
    • Multiple interfaces are also used for transmitting the Positive credit register’s data dispatches to public authorities, and for the fulfilment of requests for credit register extracts.
    • In addition, a special e-service will be built for private individuals. This gives everyone the right of access to the data which has been collected concerning him or her. The e-service will also comply with today’s accessibility requirements.


A number of interfaces between IT systems will help transfer information between the concerned parties and the Positive credit register. The following interfaces are planned:

  • Reporting interfaces for credit institutions, lenders, etc.
  • Another interface for credit institutions, etc. where they can make requests for credit register extracts.
  • Several interfaces for the public authorities that use the registered data.
  • A system interface for control of the register’s operation.
  • An interface for companies that provide credit rating services, for transferring data on voluntary credit bans.

Organisations will need certificates to use an interface. The certificate provides a means for the Positive credit register to ascertain an organisation’s identity.

The interfaces will function in English only. However, user instructions will be issued in Finnish, Swedish and English.


The Positive credit register will be rolled out in two stages. In the first stage in spring 2024, information on consumer credits and other comparable credits will be included in the register. Lenders start reporting information on 1 February 2024 and can start using the information in the register on 1 April 2024.

In the first stage, lenders must sign up for the register in autumn 2023.

In the second stage at the end of 2025, lenders start reporting loans granted to other private individuals than consumers. Information included in the second stage can be retrieved from the register as of spring 2026.

We will release the final technical documentation of the interfaces at least one year in advance, by January 2023.

Working together with stakeholders including invitations to extensive test sessions

We find that close cooperation with the Positive credit register’s future stakeholders is important. Our stakeholders will have many opportunities to make comments about the design and provide important feedback in order to optimise the technological solution. To disseminate information on the status of the project, we arrange webinars and other events.

As the development progresses, the stakeholders can conduct tests with the Positive credit register system to ensure mutual compatibility. The start of the register’s testing is to be announced.

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As our work advances, we distribute information to stakeholders with regular intervals. We provide details on the different stages of the ongoing development and design work. You can join our mailing list to receive invitations to the webinars and other events. To sign up for the mailing list, send e-mail to luottotietorekisteri (at)

You are welcome to send us e-mail at any time if you need to ask about the Positive credit register and its current stage of planning. Our Frequently Asked Questions pages are updated at regular intervals.

Further information

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