Instructions on testing

This is a collection of links to the instructions on the Positive credit register’s stakeholder testing. 

Testing instructions for stakeholders

This document includes a schedule for stakeholder testing, instructions on how to sign up for testing, and other practical information about stakeholder testing.

Instructions on the use of the Enter portal

This document is for Enter portal users participating in stakeholder testing. In the Enter portal, stakeholders can sign up for testing and send their questions and testing observations to the project.

Instructions for the anonymisation of test data

This document includes the information needed to anonymise test data used in testing.

The data used in testing may not be connectable to natural persons or their data. Personal identity codes or other data that can be connected to natural persons may not be sent as test data under any circumstances: the test data must always be anonymised.

Instructions on the testing certificate

This document provides instructions on testing certificates used in stakeholder testing.

Page last updated 4/16/2024